Thursday, March 20, 2008

पिया जी अबकी होली में

रंग मोय ऐसा दीजो लाय
पिया जी अबकी होली में
कै जासै मगज तैरो फिर जाय
पिया जी अबकी होली में

अबके फाल्गुन बम्बई जईयो,
वहां राज कै रंग लगईयो
प्यार भरी ठंडई पियईयो
बडे ठाकरे से मिलयईयो
कौन मराठा कौन बिहारी
अंतर सब मिट जाय
पिया जी अबकी होली में

अबकी होली पाक भी जाईयो
दंगे की तुम आग बुझईयो
मुश को अपने गले लगईयो
प्यार के रंग में सब रंग दईयो
छोड के सारे बैर पुराने
हम कट्ठे हों जाय
पिया जी अबकी होली में

अबके पिया तू दिल्ली जईयो
सगले नेता से मिलियईयो
संसद बैठ उन्हें समझइयो
देश का सारा हाल बतईयो

देश प्रेम के रंग मे रंग कै
सबका एक ही दल बन जाय

पिया जी अबकी होली में


journalist001 said...

Dear blogger,
you have epitomised the actual meaning of Holi in your poem, but my dear friend do you think it's possible?
Well, Happy holi to you and all your alter egos. Keep it up.


Why not send Piyaji to Somalia, Darfur and Losotho? A smile on the fce of a hungry, undernourished child would be more colourful than a 'synthetic' and politically motivated smile of Raj aand Bal Thackrey.
Wish you good luck even if you send Piyajee to faamilies of farmers forced to hang themselves in Vidaarbha of 'Incredible India'.


I regret my spelling errors due to a faulty key-board. Your poetry is good, you have to be closer to reality than a dream world. Why not read & learn from Sahir Ludhianvi?

kun said...

namaskar sir!
bahut sahi.nafrat ke shahar me pyar ki konpal ke sath piya ji ka judna aahladki hai...
jaroori nahi ki ye somaliya jaye tabhi iski sarthakta bachegi.
agar kuchh aur raj thackrey aur hue to yahin do-char somaliya ho jayenge.


It is indeed true that a handful of Raj type politicians can run the country in under-development. But let us think in a bit different way... Who is a Raj or a Laloo? He isn't from out of this world. He may have attended a Grammer School, a middle school and high school followed by a few years in Collge/University or their Students' Unions.
Who pushes us in that direction? It is NOT our fate or luck but again our parenting nd society which is the cradle of any society and culture.
So, not much is achieved by pointing a finger at a ceratin Raj or even a certain Afzal Guru. They are all our own offsprings.

Dr. RAMJI GIRI said...

"देश प्रेम के रंग मे रंग कै
सबका एक ही दल बन जाय
पिया जी अबकी होली में"

this is the most -needed approach to stop the decadence in our society...

anitakumar said...

सही आशाएं, काश ऐसा हो जाएऽअमीन

योगेन्द्र मौदगिल said...

dushera aa gaya
Diwali aane wali hai
agli post HOLI par hi likhne ka irada hai kya ?

समयचक्र - महेद्र मिश्रा said...

बहुत सुंदर
बसंत पंचमी पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामना